City of Rome braces for Catholic hordes

바카라사이트ROME You're expecting hundreds of thousands of guests. You don't know where they're coming from, or when they'll arrive. You don't even know the date of the celebration.

And heaven only knows the name of the man being feted.

Planning for the moment when the next pope is proclaimed to the world, and for the installation ceremony a few days later, is a big-time guessing game. And that adds up to an ungodly logistical headache for the city of Rome.

When white smoke pours out of the chimney atop the Sistine Chapel, throngs of Romans will drop what they're doing and race to St. Peter's Square to cheer the new pope when he steps out onto the balcony of St. Peter's Basilica. If the next pontiff hails from somewhere in Italy, thousands can be expected to pack trains to the capital.

Then there are all the foreigners flying into town to capture the historic moment — an influx that may become overwhelming if cardinals break with tradition and elect the first pope from Latin America, home to 40 percent of the world's Catholics.

A tented field hospital will go up in a square near the Vatican by the eve of the start of the conclave on Tuesday, ensuring that emergency medical treatment will be just around the corner if any pilgrim feels ill or stumbles in the rush to glimpse the new pope.

While there are no other special plans for the conclave itself, Rome authorities have a detailed game-plan for the papal installation that takes place a few days after the pope is elected. The audience for that momentous event in St. Peter's Square will include presidents, prime ministers, religious leaders and tens of thousands of pilgrims, along with the throngs of accidental tourists who happen to be in town.

Police helicopters will whirl overhead. Thousands of extra police will be summoned to duty to keep streets safe and unclogged. Officers on motorized rubber dinghies will glide down the Tiber, ready to dive into the river's murky waters to pick out anything suspicious. Bomb-sniffing dogs will poke their noses down manholes and trash bins in security sweeps along the routes that both VIPs and faithful will cover en route to the square.

As soon as the installation date is known, some 500 Civil Protection volunteers, many of them ready to hop on Segways, will receive phone calls to spring into action. They know the drill for the big day: They'll report to Rome's main train station and the subway stop closest to the Vatican before dawn, helping like good shepherds to channel the flock along designated streets, closed to traffic, that lead to St. Peter's Square.

«Not even the Vatican knows how big the crowd will be,» said Mario Vallorosi, who heads the Rome office of the government's Civil Protection service. «It will be affected by who (the pope) is. If he's a Latin American, he will draw huge crowds.» Conservative crowd estimates, he told The Associated Press, run between 200,000 and 300,000.

Since Benedict XVI gave two-week's notice last month for 카지노 꽁 his resignation — the first in 600 years — there have been a few `'trial runs" of crowd control and security in St. Peter's Square. His final public audience drew so many people (some 150,000 people) there wasn't enough space for all in the vast cobblestone square. Surrounding streets quickly filled up with the overflow, with many faithful watching the pope's final public Vatican appearance on maxi-screens set up for them.

The Vatican's own security force, known as the gendarmerie, is in charge of the crowd inside the square and Italian police handle crowd control just outside the Vatican's boundaries. Security officers from both forces included plainclothes agents dressed up as pilgrims and tourists, listening to the chatter in the square and watching for any unusual movements.

Nearly everything went smoothly for Benedict's last public appearances, although some faithful panicked during the retired pope's penultimate Sunday blessing from his studio window, when thousands of last-minute arrivals tried to squeeze through three narrow openings through a metal fence ringing the edge of the square.

Rome enjoyed at least a few days scramble time for those last papal events. Now, uncertainty surrounding the conclave is adding huge pressure.

`'The biggest concern is lack of information," said Giammario Nardi, the man Rome's mayor has put in charge of hosting special events.

Nardi insisted the city is not privy to any hints from the Vatican about when the papal installation will take place. `'We're operating on predictions," he said, «on what the newspapers tell us.»

Nardi spoke with The Associated Press several hours before the Vatican announced on Friday that the cardinals will start voting for Benedict's successor on Tuesday, a process that could wrap up in a day or two, or might need more time.

With a shudder, Nardi recalled how ambulances were blocked by the narrow streets of the Borgo, the neighborhood near the Vatican, when faithful couldn't squeeze into the square and clogged the streets after John Paul II's death in 2005. In those days crowds turned out day and night to pray at the Vatican and pass by his body as it lay on display in St. Peter's Basilica.

The decision to set up a field hospital this time is fruit of that bad memory, he said.

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The Dutch government said Thursday that it blocked a cyberattack by Russian intelligence agents in April targeting the global chemical weapons watchdog agency

The Dutch government said Thursday that it blocked a cyberattack by Russian intelligence agents in April targeting the global chemical weapons watchdog agency. The head of the Netherland's military intelligence agency identified four Russians behind the alleged operation, which targeted the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) headquarters in The Hague. 

Dutch officials showed images of a rental vehicle they said was discovered at the time with computer equipment and transformers used in the alleged plot. He said the Russians were expelled from the Netherlands immediately after the plot was foiled on April 13. 

Later Thursday, the U.S. Department of Justice announced charges against seven Russian agents for cyber crimes linked to the Dutch investigation. The indictment accused the seven members of Russia's military intelligence agency, the GRU, of hacking into the world anti-doping agency, the OPCW, and of cyberattacks aimed at a U.S. nuclear energy facility.

«The conspiracy conducted persistent and sophisticated computer intrusions affecting U.S. persons, corporate entities, international organizations, and their respective employees located around the world, based on their strategic interest to the Russian government,» the Department of Justice said in a statement.

More in Cybersecurity

The revelation of the plot in the Netherlands came just hours after Britain's Defense Minister Gavin Williamson, at a NATO summit with U.S. Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis and other allies, called Russia's cyberattacks of recent years the «actions of a pariah state,» and vowed that NATO would «be exposing» Moscow's nefarious acts.   

NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg warned Russia, not long after the announcement by the Netherlands, to halt its «reckless» behavior. «Russia must stop its reckless pattern of behaviour, including the use of force against its neighbours, attempted interference in election processes, and widespread disinformation campaigns,» he said in Brussels.

«Basically the Russians got caught with their equipment, people who were doing it, and they have got to pay the piper, they are going to have be held to account,» Mattis said later Thursday at the NATO summit. «How we respond to something like this is a political decision by the nations involved, and we will be standing by them. But it does not necessarily equate to some kind of tit for tat on cyber. We have a wide variety among our nations of responses available to us.»

Mattis lambasted Russia for 바카라 중국점 the alleged attack on the OPCW, calling it, «the latest of a world-wide pattern of reckless and irresponsible behavior from Moscow.»

#NATO stands in solidarity with the Dutch & UK governments in calling out #Russia on its cyber attacks against @OPCW & others. Russia must stop its reckless pattern of behaviour to undermine international law & institutions. NATO Allies work together to bolster our cyber defences

In Moscow, the Russian Foreign Ministry issued what has now become a familiar denial of all allegations. Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova called the latest charges against Russia «big fantasies.» And at United Nations headquarters in New York, Russia's deputy ambassador Dmitry Polyanskiy ridiculed Britain over the allegations, calling them «Russiaphobic.»  His tweet did not address the specific allegations against Russia's military intelligence agency.

A new episode of #UK Pathetic «highly likely» Russophobic Series, this time staged in #Netherlands — on news wires every 4th day of the month! Next to come: Russia hacked Mrs May’s brain and stole #Brexit plan or rather hacked the referendum itself! #opcw

  British Ambassador to the Netherlands Peter Wilson said the plot against the OPCW showed «complete disregard» by Russia for the agency's mission to investigate illegal chemical weapons attacks around the world. He noted that the plot was disrupted in April as the OPCW worked to confirm Britain's allegations that GRU agents attempted to murder Russian ex-double agent Sergei Skripal in England, and to confirm an alleged chemical attack by Syria's Russian-backed military in Douma, Syria.

«The disruption of this attempted attack on the OPCW was down to the expertise and the professionalism of the Dutch security services in partnership with the United Kingdom,» Wilson said. «The OPCW is a respected international organization which is working to rid the world of chemical weapons. Hostile action against it demonstrates complete disregard for this vital mission.»

Dutch Defense Minister Ank Bijleveld-Schouten said the Russian intelligence officers had also targeted the Netherlands-based investigation into the downing of Malaysian Airlines Flight 17 over Ukraine.

«We have been aware of the interest of Russian intelligence services in this investigation and have taken appropriate measures.» she said. «We remain very alert about this.»  

Bijleveld-Schouten said the Russian Ambassador to the Netherlands was summoned on Thursday to the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs to be reprimanded for Moscow's «unacceptable» behavior.  

Ambassador Wilson said the plot in The Hague was not an isolated incident, accusing the same Russian military intelligence unit behind the thwarted plot of sending operatives around the world to carryout other, «brazen, close-access cyber operations.»

Britain and the Netherlands would be «stepping up our combined activity against» the GRU, Wilson said. «We will shine a light on their activities. We will expose their methods, and we will share this with our allies.» 

He said increased sanctions against Russia would be sought in retaliation for Moscow's «malign activity.»

British Prime Minister Theresa May and her Dutch counterpart Mark Rutte released a joint statement vowing to «defend international institutions from those that seek do to them harm,» and condemning the Russian military for its «disregard for the global values and rules that keep us all safe.»

In London, British Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt called the Russian military's plot against the OPCW «part of a sustained pattern of hostile cyberspace activity,» and vowed that Moscow would face «consequences.»


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Та одоо нийгмийн үүр юмуу нийгмийн казиногийн тоглоом тоглох боломжтой. Үүнийг хийхийн тулд та олсон мөнгөөрөө ямар ч мөнгө үрэх шаардлагагүй болно. Тиймээ, за танд хожих боломж олдоогүй байгаа ч таны яг тохирсон тэмдгүүдийн сэтгэл хөдлөм сэтгэл хөдлөл байвал магадгүй казиногийн нийгмийн туршлага танд таалагдах болно.

Нь нийгмийн бодож байсны казино нь мөрийтэй тоглоомын хууль маш хатуу байдаг АНУ-ын тоглогчид ялангуяа сэтгэл татам байж болох юм. Эдгээрт Хаус, Slotomania гэх мэт нийгмийн казино багтдаг. Мэдээжийн хэрэг энэ нь бусад орнуудад ч хамаатай.